Roommates are a huge part of the first-year experience. Many incoming freshmen are nervous about sharing a room; this is completely understandable. To help ease this process, it is important to begin the year with open and clear communication with your new roommate. When you receive your assignment, you will be given roommate contact information. Take advantage of this opportunity to reach out and introduce yourself! Talk about your plans and expectations for the upcoming year and find out what you each like to do and identify common interests. When you arrive, your Resident Advisor will talk with you about steps you can take to make your relationship with your roommate fun and productive.

Find your roommate in the Housing Application

Incoming freshmen have the option to request a roommate when submitting their Housing Application. The Housing Application allows students to search for roommates by name, profile, or by browsing matches the system has selected for you based on your answers to the profile questions.

Roommate requests must be mutual – both students must request and accept one another in order to be assigned. Incoming freshmen may only request one roommate through the Housing Application. However if you would like to live in a triple, please email to request two roommates. Roommate requests are not guaranteed but are honored when possible. Instructions on how to request a roommate can be found in the Housing Application.

Find your roommate with RoomSync

RoomSync offers VCU students an easy and fun way to find roommates when signing up for housing. RoomSync enables students to choose a roommate using Facebook. You can create a RoomSync account and search for roommate matches based on lifestyle preferences such as study habits, preferred bed time, interests, major, etc. To use RoomSync, click the link on the roommate page in the Housing Application.

Students do not have to select a roommate

Incoming freshmen do not need to choose a roommate in the Housing Application or with RoomSync. If a student does not select their own roommate, one will be selected for them during the assignments process.  A lot of students choose to do this in order to meet new people during their first year on campus.

Requesting a roommate for a Living-Learning Community

You can request a roommate through the Housing Application. However, to be eligible to be roommates in a Living-Learning Community, both students must select the same Living-Learning Community and also choose each other as roommates. If a student chooses a Living-Learning Community and the roommate does not, the student will be placed in the Living-Learning Community over the roommate choice.