Living Learning Program

Freshmen Housing

VCU on-campus living offers students a once in a lifetime experience. Our unique urban campus gives residents the excitement of downtown living while being a part of an inclusive community. On average 80% of freshmen choose to live in our active communities.

How to apply?

  1. Get accepted to VCU.
  2. Accept the offer to attend VCU.
  3. Visit and click Housing Application, located in the top bar. In the application, students are guided through process and then electronically sign the housing contract. Applications open April 4 at 4 p.m.
  4. Go to the confirmation page in the Housing Application and review your application and click save. Check your VCU email for a confirmation email that your application is complete.
  5. Submit the $250 nonrefundable prepayment to secure and complete the Housing Application. 
  6. Register for fall 2017 classes or for a summer orientation session to be eligible to receive an assignment. 

In order to apply for housing, a student must first accept their offer of acceptance to VCU. Once that is done, a student will receive their eID, which is used to log in to the Housing Application. The application can be found on the Residential Life and Housing website, In the application, students will be able to list their building preferences. While efforts are made to place students in their top choice, that is not always possible. Assignment priority is based on when an application is completed and the $250 nonrefundable prepayment is received. The earlier a student applies and their prepayment is received, the more likely they are to receive one of their top choices. 

Signing the Housing Contract

When a student completes the Housing Application, they electronically sign the contract at the end of the application process. Instead of signing a specific contract for a specific room, students sign a general contract for the 2017-2018 academic year. The Housing Contract is not binding until the student receives their assignment. The 2017-2018 Housing Contract can be found at

When wil I be assigned a room?

To be eligible to receive a housing assignment, students must have completed one of the following:

  • Registered for fall 2017 classes
  • Registered for a summer orientation session

Even if a student has completed a housing application, they will not be assigned until they have completed one of these two items. Rooms are assigned in batches beginning in July and continue throughout the summer. All assignment information and other housing communications are sent to the student’s VCU email address. 

Freshmen Building Options

Freshmen have the choice between four hall styles: traditional, suite, single bedroom with private bath and apartments. All options provide students the ability to succeed and take full advantage of on-campus resources and opportunities. Each hall style has its own strengths, so please review all the hall options and rates before listing your hall preferences.

Living-Learning Communities

Living-Learning Communities bring students with similar interests to live together in one community. There, students have opportunities to attend study groups, field trips, faculty presentations and guest lectures that focus on their area of interest. For more information on these freshmen communities visit the Freshmen Living-Learning Communities section.

Freshmen Housing FAQs 

What will the housing rates be for 2017—18? 
To view our proposed rates, please visit the 2017-18 Proposed Freshmen Rates sheet in our Resource section.

Can I sign up to live on campus for the fall semester only? 
The housing contract is for the full academic year. Very few specific situations exist where students may be released from their contractual obligation. For information on our cancellation policy, visit the 2017-18 Housing Contract.

Can freshmen have a car on campus?
No, freshmen who are living on campus can not have a car. For more information on this policy visit

What if I want to make a room change after assignment? 
Over the summer months, our first priority is to provide a housing assignment to as many incoming students as possible. In certain situations, we may be able to grant a room change request, but as a general rule, students should expect to move into the room to which they were assigned. After the second or third week of classes, room change requests can be submitted and granted based upon availability.