OTM, Regan Mason

Student Spotlight

A Student Spotlight is an OTM (Of the month award) award giving to an on-campus student who has made outstanding contributions to the residence halls during the month of nomination. Nominees could include, but are not limited to students who have made a contribution to their floor, hall, residence life organization, etc. through leadership, motivation, programming, volunteering and/or being a role model for other residents during the month of nomination.


This month's Student Spotlight

Meet Regan Mason; a creative advertising major who has big plans for her future after graduation! Regan has been nominated by her peers because of her amazingly upbeat personality and her willingness to make a difference in her residence hall without prompt; she has been described as someone who can “put a smile on your face even during a bad day”! Regan thinks of VCU as her home, and since becoming involved on campus, she has discovered not only more about herself, but also more about the amazing people from all walks of life who call VCU home as well. Whether it’s interacting with people of different cultures, sexualities, and languages, she loves the diversity that her university has to offer. When not being a socialite, Regan says her leisure time is spent mostly shopping, working out and playing sports and blogging; so much so that she would even call herself obsessed! Previously, Regan was an RA in Low-Rises and a summer RA in Broad & Belvidere simply because she couldn’t get enough of residential life; citing her residents as what kept her motivated and loving every moment of her job. After graduation, Regan plans to move to New York and pursue a career in the fashion/editorial industry, and with her warm-bubbly personality and her positive attitude she hopes to take the city by storm!


How to nominate someone?

To nominate someone for a student spotlight, visit otms.nrhh.org and create an account.