Residence Hall Association (RHA)

The purpose of this organization is to govern the Residence Hall & Community Councils on campus and to promote the community of residential students at VCU. RHA is sponsored by the Department of Residential Life & Housing. In collaboration with our twelve hall and community councils, RHA strives to meet the diverse interests of all residents. As such, all of our hall’s hold regular meetings, where residents can gain a forum for their ideas. RHA serves as a communication line for residential students to meet other residents from the various residence halls on campus, as well as across the state and nation. It is a way for students to become actively involved in the residential community, develop leadership skills, communicate ideas, voice the opinions and concerns of their respective halls, plan both hall and campus activities, and make sure that students have a voice on the policies and issues that affect them.

One of the primary roles of RHA is to serve as an advocate for students living on campus. Advocacy takes many forms, forms, including assessment of resident needs and interests, personal meetings with university staff members, and promotion of resident interests on various university committees and boards.

Why Does RHA Advocate For Residents?
  • Direct connection with the Residential Life & Housing staff and administration.
  • Deep understanding of Residential Life & Housing policies.
  • Electoral mandate from on-campus residents.
  • Proximity to constituents (i.e., the residents). 

How Do We Advocate?
  • Figure out what residents need, not just what they want.
  • Make sure residents know what RHA does and how to utilize RHA’s services to their optimal benefit.
  • Seek out opportunities to meet with administrators and other student leaders.

Have an idea for something you’d like to see on campus or a policy you’d like to see changed? Contact us with your ideas at


One of RHA’s main activities is putting on community and campus-wide programs. Each hall and community council is responsible for planning and implementing programs within their community and building. The RHA Vice President and the Programming Committee coordinate all RHA programs throughout the year, while individual hall councils are responsible for community programming. A few of RHA’s signature programs are listed below:

(Information coming soon about programs! RHA Meetings are held every Sunday at 6pm in West Grace North’s Large Community Room (1030J). See your Hall Director or RHA representative for more information, or email

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