MAPSA- Mentoring Aspiring Professionals in Student Affairs

MAPSA: Mentoring Aspiring Professionals in Student Affairs

VCU MAPSA- Mentoring Aspiring Professionals in Student Affairs- is a new initiative designed to give VCU upperclassmen that are interested in a career in student affairs an opportunity to partner with professionals in the Division of Student Affairs through a mentor/mentee relationship. This program aims to promote student growth and professional development as mentors and mentees cultivate positive relationships through a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities. MAPSA provides mentors and mentees with a warm, welcoming, and supportive experience that will enhance their social, academic, and cultural engagement at Virginia Commonwealth University and beyond. 


Mentors have a unique opportunity to work closely with motivated and career-driven student leaders as they begin their journey toward a career in student affairs. The primary goal of your mentoring role is to challenge the student to think in new and different ways, however the student is not the only one who benefits from the experience. As a mentor, you will:

  • Create a legacy— By becoming a mentor, you have lasting impact on your mentee and the field of Higher Education.
  • Enhance your skills— The experience you gain by mentoring someone can enhance your own professional development, making you more of an asset to the field of Higher Education. It can also allow you to strengthen your coaching and leadership skills by working with individuals with varying backgrounds.
  • Develop and retain talent— As a mentor, you can contribute to the success of future leaders of Student Affairs, which in turn upholds the integrity of the profession. As an educator you know the importance of developing and retaining good talent. 

Mentoring is truly a rewarding experience and the benefits to you, your mentee, and the field are well worth it.

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MAPSA is dedicated to guiding students on the path toward success. Student mentees are paired with full time professional staff members of the Division of Student Affairs who will provide career guidance and support. Being involved in MAPSA can jumpstart your career within Student affairs and help to provide opportunities for the following:

  • Career guidance and support
  • Learning new things about yourself
  • Networking
  • Enhancing your strength and skills

Getting involved with MAPSA will be a truly rewarding experience as opportunity you receive will be well worth it. If you are interested in participating in MAPSA and having your own mentor, please fill out the application found below.

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If you have questions about the program please contact Lisa Cooper,